inQuiry - Release v8.0.0 (Ongoing)

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New Features

  1. Asset Ownership transfer(IQ-701)

Enhancements / Technical Tasks

  1. Functional Test cases for V2 APIs(IQ-761).

  2. Review flow for observation/survey(IQ-125).

  3. While integrating Questionset Editor Web component getting Error(IQ-759).

  4. Remove the author from the PII fields in the schema file(IQ-756).

  5. inQuiry Upload Schema Jenkins job to be made cloud agnostic(IQ-750).

  6. Question & QuestionSet API's resulting into 502 response very frequently(IQ-743).

  7. ED Easy Installer - inQuiry Cassandra DB Script(IQ-729).

  8. Analysis on QuML Migration Script(IQ-712).

  9. Fix Linux Image Deprecations(IQ-694).

  10. Enhance QuML editor to upload audio based solutions (IQ-681).

  11. Package Version Update Analysis for Questionset Editor, Quml-Player, and Resource Library(IQ-746).

  12. Replace Player Angular Library with web component in the Editor Preview(IQ-725).

  13. Angular version upgrade from 15 to 16(IQ-667).

  14. Request Traceability of inQuiry(IQ-718).

Bug Fixes

This release had a few bug fixes.

  1. User is not able to republish the question set(IQ-371)

  2. Asset (Image) is not getting removed from the Update question set API request though its removed from the UI (IQ-72).

  3. While requesting for question sent for review, search api is not returning questions which were published, and then edited and sent for review(IQ-723).

Build Tags

Question & Question Set Service:

ComponentService To BuildBuild TagCore Release TagService To DeployDeploy TagComment




Note: 1. No New Configuration Added. 2. Few Bug fixes and some enhancement done. 3. Object Schema for Questionset v2 api has been updated. So Schema should be uploaded before deployment for Question, QuestionSet object types. Config File Ref: TO BE UPDATED






Schema Should be Uploaded For Question & QuestionSet using release-8.0.0_RC2






A new kafka topic user.ownership.transfer has to be created for user-pii-data-updater flink job.

InQuiryFlink Job


Not Applicable


An Existing Flink Job user-pii-data-updater is enahnced for asset ownership transfer feature. For more details on the feature, Click Here For Configuration file reference, Click Here

Installation or Upgrade

Configuration/Environment variable

Question & QuestionSet Service:

  • For Assessment micro-service, no new configuration added.

  • For user-pii-data updater flink job, new configurations are added. For more details, Please checkout variable section here and configuration section here

Deprecation and Removals

Release Notes: Dependent building blocks

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