inQuiry Components

This section captures information on the internal details about the inQuiry Service component.

Component Architecture Diagram

Component Architecture Explained
  • The core components of inQuiry are QuML Editor, QuML player and inQuiry Service.

  • QuML Editor, Player and inQuiry Service all implements the QuML specification for creating and maintaining Questions and QuestionSets.

  • QuML Editor uses the Knowlg BB services as explained here

  • inQuiry Service also uses the Knowlg core services for inprocess communication to the underlying data stores.

  • inQuiry uses Telemetry services for sending the telemetry events

  • There are a few common sunbird libraries that both QuML Editor and QuML player uses

Brief Description

Sunbird inQuiry is used to power the assessment capabilities in Sunbird. This uses an open specification called as QuML for preparing the questions and question sets.


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