This Page Explains Features Available With Question & QuestionSet Service

Question & QuestionSet service is a micro-service which provides APIs to manage the lifecycle and workflows of creation and consumption of Question & QuestionSet Asset.

Offline Consumption

The Service enables offline consumption via generation of ECAR files in the packaging stage of the publish lifecycle. Assets can be download from downloadUrl. Two variants of the ECAR are available for each Asset. i.e. FULL and SPINE. ECAR can be downloaded and extracted in client (mobile and desktop) to play offline.

"downloadUrl": "<full ecar url>",
"variants": {
    "full": {
        "ecarUrl": "<full ecar url>",
        "size": "<size in byte>"
    "spine": {
        "ecarUrl": "<spine ecar url>",
        "size": "<size in byte>"

Online Consumption

The Service enables online consumption via Question Read and List API's. Question List API provides all required data for multiple Question which player can directly render.

Auto Review & Publish

The Service offers QuestionSet Review API, which move all children question to Review stage automatically irrespective of children visibility (Parent/Default), if the creator of both Root QuestionSet and its children is same.

Similarly, the service offers QuestionSet Publish API, which publish its children automatically if children qualifies for auto publish. Publish control

Question & QuestionSet Asset publishing can be done in two ways: Public (status: Live) and Private (status: Unlisted). When the Asset status is Live, it is available for consumption publicly. When the Asset status is Unlisted, it can be accessed only by direct content link (deep link).

Question & QuestionSet Life Cycle

Below diagram illustrate the status and actions during the life cycle of Question & QuestionSet Asset

For More Information on Question & QuestionSet Life Cycle, Please check here

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