Currently Sunbird inQuiry components are part of Sunbird-ED and hence can't be deployed independently. This can be deployed along with Sunbird-ED.
Please refer to the Sunbird-Ed deployment for more details.
Below deployment view diagram will explain how inQuiry Building block components are deployed in SunbirdEd.
  • Question & Question Set Service (assessment-service):
    • The service holds Question & QuestionSet APIs.
  • Question Set Editor & Player:
    • InQuiry BB provides both editor & player as NPM packages. SunbirdEd portal package those as libraries and provides both creation and consumption experience.
  • Flink Jobs:
    • InQuiry BB has below two asynchronous jobs
      • questionset-publish:
        • This job is used for question/question set Enrichment. It performs all necessary enrichment to the question/ question set required for Consumption.
      • auto-crerator-v2:
        • This job is used during the movement of a question/ question set from one instance to another ( import QuestionSet)
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