Sunbird inQuiry Editor is used for creating questions and questionSets. The current Editor supports the following question types.

This Editor is also known as Question & Question Set Editor or QuML Editor.

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

  • Multi-select Multiple Choice Question (MMCQ)

  • Subjective Question (SA)

Question & Question Set Editor (QuML Editor)

Question set editor is a tool offered by inQuiry to help you kickstart your creation of Question Banks.

More details on the editor can be found here and here.

Editor architecture is as below,

Editor Module is as detailed below,

Additional details about the internals of the Editor
  • Editor Module - Root module of the editor library where all the components and services are imported

  • Editor Component - Base component of the Editor which consists of the sub components

    • Header Components - contains the buttons any header elements

    • Metadata Components - for capturing metadata

    • Player Component - for preview of question and questionSet

    • Fancy Tree Component - for tree view (navigation)

    • Resource Lib Component - for adding question from Library

  • Editor Service - service layer that makes the API calls related to Editor. For eg:- save, update

  • Telemetry Service - initialise the Telemetry SDK and prepare the telemetry events

    • Telemetry SDK - to sent out the telemetry events to external Telemetry Service

Question / QuestionSet Creation flow

Question / QuestionSet Review process flow

Editor interaction with Knowlg BB Service

Code Structure

  • Important Folder / Package structure

    - projects
    	- questionset-editor-library-wc [This contains the application for building web component and copy the files into web-component folder]
    	- questionset-editor-library [This contains the actual code of editor library which get build and bundled into editor library npm package]
    - src [This contains the Sample Application for running the editor library]
    - web-component-examples [This contains the code for running editor web component in vanilla js]
    - web-component [This contains the files which get bundled to form npm packge of editor web component]


Details are listed here for the below specified dependencies

APIs used by Editor

APIs invoked from Editor component is listed here

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