Sunbird inQuiry Player is used for consuming the question set. The current player supports the following question types,

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

  • Multi-select Multiple Choice Question (MMCQ)

  • Subjective Question (SA)

This Player is also known as Question Set Player or QuML Player.

Question Set Player (QuML Player)

Question set player is a player provided by inQuiry to create engaging & inclusive experiences for end users consuming the question sets.

More details on the player can be found here and here.

Player architecture is as below,

Player Module is as detailed below,

Additional details about the internals of the Player
  • Player Module - Root module of the player library where all the components and services are imported

  • Player Component - Base component of the Editor which consists of the sub components

    • Section Component - Handles different types of questions by using its sub components

      • Start Page Component - Provide instructions for exams

      • MCQ Component - for rendering multiple choice questions.

      • SA Component - for rendering short answer questions (subjective)

      • Alert Component - Showing feedback or solutions

    • End Page Component - Summary of exam

  • Viewer Service - service layer that makes the API calls related to Player. For eg:- question list

  • Telemetry Service - initialise the Telemetry SDK and prepare the telemetry events

    • Telemetry SDK - to sent out the telemetry events to external Telemetry Service

Question / QuestionSet Consumption flow

Code Structure

  • Important Folder / Package structure

    - projects
    	- quml-demo-app [Sample application for library]
    	- quml-library [Contains library components and service]
    	- quml-player-wc [Application to generate web component]
    - web-component-examples [Contains sample projects]
    - web-component [Contains generated web component files]


Details are listed here for the below specified dependencies

APIs used by Player

APIs invoked from Player component is listed here

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