inQuiry - Release V 4.10.0

Document Release Version

Release Date
Release Version
10-06-22 (tentative)
V 4.10.0

Release Tags:

Question Set Player:

Tag: v4.10.0
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/[email protected]

Question Set Editor:

Tag: v4.10.6
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-collection-editor-v9

Question & Question Set Service:

Service to be Build
Build Tag
Service to Deploy
Deploy Tag
Questionset-publish : FlinkJobs
job_names_to_deploy: questionset-publish

1. Summary of the changes

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements planned to the inQuiry building block as part of release 4.10.0:
  • Bug Fixes - click here to see the list of bugs fixed in this release.
  • inQuiry as an independent building block: As part of this larger goal, in this release the following items are targeted:
    • Separate dev & staging environments for inQuiry building block
    • Code repo separation for inQuiry question set service component
    • Adopter experience portal
  • New features and enhancements: None

2. Test Scenarios

Link to the test scenarios/cases validated by the inQuiry building block QA team as part of 4.10.0 release:
Test scenarios : Link