Question Set Player

Question set player (QuML player) is responsible for rendering questions & question sets created as per the QuML spec. The question set player is embeddable in any angular web app. It is an npm package that can be installed and configured with ease.

Key Features:


Question set player is built as per WCAG AA guidelines such as:

  • Text alternatives for all non-text content

  • Enables consumption of the assessment using a keyboard

  • Maintenance of proper focus order to enable a meaningful consumption experience for users using assistive technologies

  • Compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers

  • Screen readers can be used in both mobile app and browser.


Can be easily embedded in any hybrid mobile app or angular based web applications

Supports offline consumption

Question set player is build to support offline consumption

Creates engaging learning by allowing users to:

  • Navigate to any question within the question set

  • View their progress

  • View hints, solutions, and prompt feedback if allowed

  • Keep track of their time

  • Review and submit their answers to assessments

  • Keep track of the skipped question

  • Retry the question if allowed

  • Share the question set

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