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V 4.8.0

1. Summary of the changes

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements planned to the inQuiry building block as part of release 4.8.0:

  • Enable creators to include section level instructions for question sets.

  • QUML player minor UI enhancements.

  • Enable capturing telemetry for skipped questions.

  • QuestionSet import API enhancement to validate the question/question set status and throw Client Error if the source question/question set status is not Live/Unlisted.

  • Ability for consumption apps to display the 'Next content' in a collection at the question set end page in the QUML player.

  • Bug Fixes

    • SB-29231 : Unable to play the questions created on Cokreat portal in the SunbirdEd Consumption apps.

2. Details of the changes

SI NoJIRA IDDescription

Question set publish throwing error while adding live questions


Question Set Editor UI form configuration changes


Telemetry for skipped questions in QuML


QuestionSet import API enhancement


Next content to come at end page of QUML player in a collection


Enable section level instructions and details


QUML enhancements

3. Test Scenarios

Link to the test scenarios/cases validated by the inQuiry building block QA team as part of 4.8.0 release:

Test scenarios : Link

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