What is Sunbird inQuiry?

Sunbird inQuiry is a software building block that enables setting up of question banks for various use cases such as assessments, quizzes, practice worksheets, surveys, and many more. These are applicable in multiple domains related to education and human development.
Here are some examples of solutions that can be enabled through Sunbird inQuiry:
  • Conduct assessments which can evaluate users’ understanding of concepts and issue certificates based on assessment score.
  • Evaluate assessment data to take informed decisions and plan for interventions.
  • Launch surveys to collect feedback and analyse responses.
Further, Sunbird inQuiry can be extended for use cases like adaptive tests, gamified quizzes, rubric-driven assessments, competitions, etc.

What does Sunbird inQuiry offer?

This building block consists of pluggable tools and microservices that enable creation of questions and question sets (collection of questions), configuration of their behaviour, curation and publishing them for users to play on any device.
Key capabilities offered by Sunbird inQuiry are:
  • Question banks: Create question(s) as per an interoperable QuML spec by using the pluggable editor, bulk import through APIs, tag them to rich metadata, and organize them into question sets.
  • End-to-end publishing process: Enable question(s) and question set(s) creation, curation and publish process workflows.
  • Diverse question types: inQuiry comes with two pre-built question types - Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and subjective questions. It can be extended to build new question types, basis your needs.
  • Engaging & inclusive experiences: Configure features like randomizing questions, timer, hints, etc using a pluggable player to enable various use cases. Player is built as per the WCAG AA guidelines which enables you to reach more learners.
  • Analytics: Make meaning of the user's actions, generate reports & dashboards, and derive insights by leveraging telemetry data e.g. user response, result, and summary data.

Where has Sunbird inQuiry been used?

Sunbird inQuiry is leveraged in DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing, the national school education platform of India.
Contributors: EkStep, Samagra & Shikshalokam
Last release date & version: 01-Mar-2022, 4.7.0

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What is Sunbird inQuiry?
What does Sunbird inQuiry offer?
Where has Sunbird inQuiry been used?